Amani is a Goddess

moderated - created 10/16/03
This is an experiment for me to see if there are people out there who really think I'm fabulous.
Perhaps my self esteem is lacking today, but I could use a boost.

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Thank the Goddess  topic
a moment please  topic
Amani is a Goddess  topic
Amani?  topic
Hahahaha!  topic
Bob in Hawaii  topic
You won't fucking believe this  topic
Isn't she lovely!?  topic
with the kicking of the ass!  topic
Vanilla in a bottle  topic
Amani Worship?  topic
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fundraiser para mi  topic
Sooooooo... there we were...  topic
You go girl  topic
Swimming with dolphins??  topic
Gush  topic
Just one more reason...  topic
yummmmmmy  topic
OH MY GODDESS!!!  topic
boost?  topic
convince me  topic
Amani IS a goddess!  topic
give it up ...  topic